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Flavian Dioscuri Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Flavian Dioscuri

Over the past few months, it has become clear that there is a lot of vital market data that is not accessible to the average retail trader. It is not a free and fair market when dark pool trading makes up the majority of trades. The dark pool in essence is a legal black market for trading and it is very exclusive. New and old retail traders have realized the market manipulation that is occurring, and has been occurring, on a very grand scale. In regards to stocks such as AMC and GME, the little data we have access to points toward the high possibility of extensive naked shorting leading to a plethora of synthetic shares that are currently on the market. We need a deep dive into the trading of these two specific stocks as we are sure they will reveal the market manipulation that is occurring on behalf of hedge funds and prime brokers. Not only is market manipulation occurring on the market itself, but media has shown an obvious bias against these so called “meme stocks”. Retail traders are being accused of being market manipulators by pumping these stocks (through the simple act of buying and holding). While at the same time, most news outlets are openly bashing these stocks, going as far as telling people to sell or not buy said stocks. There is a very obvious bias against retail traders and a lot of it stems from the lack of data we have access to. In regards to short interest reporting, there should at least be intraday short interest reports covering all brokers. I don’t think this is asking for a lot since we live in an age of technology, where all the data is located somewhere and should not be withheld to any extent, Thank you.