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Fox G Rockefeller Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


"Fines" = "hush money". Put the illegal shorters in jail SOON! Stop building your evidence because it's already been done for you via via gamestop via New Mexico vs. Banks. If the policies are preventing prosecution, put a vote to change them. Not next election, TODAY! This conflict of interest happening with your revolving door has got to stop TODAY! These illegal shorts have cost people their lives and their families livelihoods. I think the 4.1 million people involved with trying to get you and SEC to do your job would vote to eliminate this inhuman financial system including dark pool trading, payment for order flow, naked shorting, setting prices on credit swaps. In fact, call up better and allow them to do your job for you because they know the problems and here you are collecting comments for something that has been going on for 16+ years and our government has already held 3 congressional hearings yet you just now put a comment out. Are you serious? it's 2021, not 1921, get with the times. Why are we even using a market maker? Replace the market maker with a computer and I'll accept whatever pennies per share it cost me since it will actually provide the best possible matching(bid/ask). Better yet, have the government take over the stock market like they did with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae so they can prevent these large banks and hedgefunds from STEALING the american dream from the people. I'm appalled by obvious lack of heart within each and everyone that stalled or sat on their hands regarding our stock market and loans in general in this country. The poor pay MORE?! The only person that would design/accept such a setup is in fact someone trying to get something for doing nothing.