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Gabriel Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


Please, as an Investor in the US markets I never understod how much manipulation there is. I invest my money and get robed by the unorthodox ways of manipulating the markets by the big market makers and hedgefunds. They short stocks til infinity Buying and selling thru dark pools and of the books trying to fix the price and leaving retail investors BLEEDING right before the eyes of the SEC and FINRA that are supposed to look after every part in the markets.. They should not be able to short beyond their capacity. The Synthetic shorts need to be discoverd as soon as possible. The manipulating and fear-uncertanty spreading thru media should be considerd very illegal. They pay people to spread fear and uncertanty on forums where they know retail investors are sitting on the hard manipulated shorted stocks and are talking to eachother. The big hedgefunds in the wall street controlls the market and the US economy and they have already let the world economy down twice , creating worldwide economy crash BY MANIPULATION. How come everytime this happend none of the involved hedfunds loose money? Instead the gain trillions of dollars when rest of the world crunches. I’ve lost a lot of money trading in the markets, not because I’ve made vad decissions, but because of the markets are so evil and manipulated. The AMC and GME stocks and retail investors are now a group of people that want to see THAT ONE change. For a more fair and transparent market! If the retail investors loose this ”Battle” against the wall street and hedgefunds, this will be the end of the next generations and trading markets. No one will have any trust to the system or you. ALL this above, need to change. The big market makers and hedgefunds need to be controlled very hard and put in court of justice, the evidence and numbers of the things WE in AMC and GME found these months is unbelievable… truly mind blowing, and Im so frustrated that none of you in the FINRA, SEC and FEDERAL RESERVES cares to care about this? Watching the world be corrupted by wall street and watch them plunge the world economy 2 times under 2 decades.. Im speaking on the behalf of all the retail investors that think the markets are fair but unfortunatley now realized that his is not the case anymore, and have never been. Please.. make a change, let our voices be heard. Thank you.