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Greg Clemmons Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Greg Clemmons

The rules around Failure to delivers (on short selling) for larger organizations (namely citadel securities and others), is giving them a way out to continue to drag down companies and squeeze out retail investors. The market does not function the way it should with the hand tipped to the market maker. The market maker is also the one funding the media outlets, may own assets in 'educational' platforms like Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, etc. How is a retail investor supposed to make educated decisions when most of the media and 'educational' platforms for the market are biased towards a few large organizations and their goals and interests. That doesn't sound like a free market at all. The Parallel with this is if an average person fails to pay their rent, they receive a notice then they must pay or find somewhere else to live, no argument, no small fine no nothing. These organizations do this daily and revive little to no consequence. Do not allow them to continue to play by their own rules; Level the playing field, stop allowing larger transactions on dark pools to go unregulated, stop allowing them to create synthetic shares to tank companies, please put laws in place to help regulate the market and make it more transparent. In addition to this, create a non biased educational resource to educate investors to further boost the economy, fine organizations for participating in market manipulation by spreading false information over media outlets that they fund, hold them accountable for synthetic shares, hold them accountable for going after the retail investor, hold them accountable for failing to deliver on shares they shorted and have not covered. Hold them accountable for it all, it's about time. I wanty kids to be able to invest in a free market not one controlled by one key player who knows your hand before you even draw. Thanks, Greg