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Greg Clemmons Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Greg Clemmons

Hello I have submitted a previous comment but I wanted to include this as well. I and I'm sure others have stated there needs to be a very big regulatory body added for oversight into darkpool trading, more frequent checks on capital and sources of capital from any market maker or large organization sucks as hedge fund participating in our markets, and there needs to be a responsible party to hold them to the rules. I know each organization was created to do that such as FINRA, SEC etc, but organizations such as the DTCC that are made up of the same organizations (Hedge funds) who may at some point manipulate the market, get a blind eye turned to them when doing corrupt and unlawful activities. It would be interesting to check the last time the DTCC fined a member for illegal activities, dropped a member, etc. Who is ensuring a regulatory body like that, that is made up of Hedge Funds and other organizations that make the market, are actually regulating who they are supposed to. How is it possible to be unbiased and operate a free market that way especially when You're made up of the folks you are supposed to police ( policing being relative for capital requirements etc)