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Greg Erin Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Greg Erin

It is very easy for me to watch a "market maker" or Hedge fund manipulate a stock price to they're benefit by dumping "naked shorts..which are already "illegal" on stocks these funds hold positions in..They problem is is there is o penalties..They are committing fraud and if I did the same thing I would be put in prison..The fines imposed even of 70 million dollars to a 10-20 billion dollar company is ridiculous. for them it's a cost of doing business and I am sure they have found a way to write it off on they're taxes..Billion dollar fines and min max prison sentences may give people something to worry about..I applaud you interest for comments but a bit scared you guys don't see what is very obvious and adjust your penalties accordingly..Thank you for taking the time to hear my opinion..I hope and prey your efforts in changing a rigged game are successful..