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Ishmael Williams Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Ishmael Williams

Hey. I’m a retail investor and I beg and plead you to put a rush on dark pool buying and a more transparent stock market on short sales and naked shorts. As a retail investor I’ve poured about one hundred thousand dollars in the market and it seems we have been shorted on GameStop, chargepoint and it’s no secret of AMC. As retail investors we want to continue to put money in the market but I can assure you with the platforms I’ve encountered a lot of retail investors are over it. If we don’t see transparency and fairness in it we will as a majority no longer. All we ask for is fairness and it’s clear it’s not. Please fix this! A blind man can see this is wrong respectfully. For AMC to own 80% of the float and we’re not selling as majority it makes no sense how the price is manipulated.