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Jackson Hosler Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Jackson Hosler

You should issue a serial number to every legally issued share of each company. Every dollar bill has one. Why can’t shares? Each sale of every share to any investor, retail or otherwise is cataloged and registered when traded. I buy 1 share and have serial number 12345 attached to it. If my share is short sold, you now know my share of x stock at serial number 12345 has now been bought once and shorted once. If I’m correct, the DTC-2021-005 allows this once. So boom, there’s your one sale and one short sale allowed. So now, the only movement on this registered serial number should be if I sell it. If you see any movement on this share that isn’t by me, or shorts trying to cover with unregistered shares, then you know illegal and synthetic trading is happening. Can you make this a thing or am I dreaming of a perfect world scenario?