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James Prater Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

James Prater

Thank you for your time. I have a few questions. The dark pools were intended for a major seller of own investment to unload a large block of shares without forcing price up or down. It is now a daily assurance that 60-70% trades are in a dark pool vs open market NYSE for small share count trades? Prominently AMC and GME. Most of the rest of the market is 6-9% dark pool. Not going to fix shorts till you fix all the under lying conditions and reign in market manipulation. Where’s the transparency of a free open market. Buying is being suppressed up to 34 days while sell goes straight to NYSE? Negative pressure on the stock to drive down. Naked Short/synthetics are being mast produced and hammered as sells to drive price down and manipulate the stock price. Market Manipulators are not picking up FTDs to intentionally keep buying pressure down. Threshold Securities are sickening. Not even trying to find or deliver the shares. Very lite fines vs enforcement for this action? This becomes a income to the SEC vs a punishment. Ken Griffin talking on National TV about using people’s emotions to set algorithms to move the trade in the Market Manipulators direction? That in itself is criminal. The amount of HFT back and forth to control stock price. Take today 7/9/2021 to control price for the option chain in calls and puts and control the income back to Market Manipulators. It’s so blatant and the SEC turns a blind eye. Everyday investors pure hard worked for money into a stock to get something to retire on. We have hedge funds and Market Manipulators controlling that money in back room deals through dark pools and deciding the investors cut. Shorts are being hidden deep ITM calls. Citadel intentionally held out on FTD for 35 days of GME to put the burden in Robinhood lap as the fall guy. Citadel walks away the crook that can not be caught. Why is there a spread being use to purchase my stock? Is that in my best interest for best price possible. A lot of brokerage, to get the edge of no fees have got in line with bad actors and going alone with criminal activity. Very sad of what Wall Street is being expose of daily. I can promise that once GME and AMC is done, I’m done with the market. I have lost so much faith in Wall Street, regulators, and our government. It’s really sad and sickening. I purchased AMC 3 months ago for the squeeze, I’m now in it for the reform. They can take it to $5.00, I’m not leaving. I’m mad, and something has to be done. Thank you for allowing us to give a comment, James