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James Roberts Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

James Roberts
Registered Nurse

The stock market needs Total Transparency. The Hedge Funds and Market Makers are manipulating the market via the dark pool, by buying in the pools and selling on the open market, to artificially suppress the price of stocks that have been shorted. The act of Naked Short selling is rampant and frequently goes unenforced. Allgorhythmic Trading back and forth to artificially depress prices should be outlawed, as it is obviously market manipulation, should stop. Even when the act is enforced the fines are minuscule compared to the obscene profit reaped! I feel that all positions should be viewed openly, rules should be enforced and fines should be equitable to the theft that is occurring. All I as for is what has been promised: an open Free and Fair Trade Market. Thank you for the request for our input.