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Jared Deal Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Jared Deal

I got into WBSI for 5.15 on 02/04/2021. 20 shares. It went to $10 feb 8th. It dropped to $2.00 over the next couple months. There was supposed to be a merger/name change which took place but during this time stock dropped to .35 low. The volume for this stock is weird that it has no volume for days at a time sometimes. But let it be the 15th or end of month and there will be volume. Anyway, there was another change back of name after merger fell through. This officially took place 06.28.21 after hours. Now I recorded videos and took screenshots. I have reported to E*TRADE and sent an email to “[email protected]”. At 9:00 pm est I saw a 100 trade at 4:20pm (THAT WAS NOT VISIBLE DURING HOURS). I recorded videos but in end they pushed price up to 6.00 after hours while changes were going on with ticker. No one was able to trade but market makers I was told. Anyway E*TRADE said that an order was put through at 3:15:01 for 113 shares OFF MARKET from “possibly months ago because paperwork wasn’t filed”. This was clear manipulation recorded on my end. By the time the ticker hit my portfolio again it was 2.36. Today it’s 1.63. They were able to hedge to 6.00 after hours with orders put through off market. Pure pure manipulation. I won’t get into short interest for stocks being higher than possible float including held shares for a lot of stocks. There is so much wrong with our system and it is unfair for the regular investors.