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Jeffrey Montero Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Jeffrey Montero

In a fair and open market there should be transparency and a level playing field for all investors; be they retail or institutional. The # of shares shorted should be available IN REAL TIME throughout the trading day. Dark pool trading must be eliminated. We can clearly see that large institutions are buying massive quantities of AMC stock (for example) on the dark pool and then flooding the public exchange with shares (via selling, short-selling and short laddering) in order to MANIPULATE THE PRICE DOWN. This is validated by recent comments by Stacy Cunningham, president of the NYSE, who stated that the prices of “meme stocks” such as AMC and GME DO NOT REFLECT THE ACTUAL SUPPLY AND DEMAND PRICE because of large institutional manipulation that unfairly hurts retail investors. To that end, ALGO trading back and forth (short laddering) must be outlawed. Naked shorting and FTDs should incur MUCH greater penalties than the current laughable $10,000 fine- and these FTDs must be forced to be closed out immediately or the parties breaking the law should have their ability to trade heavily restricted if not eliminated outright. Thank you for your time and attention to this pressing matter.