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Jeffrey Romero Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Jeffrey Romero

Hello, as a person who’s new to investing with only 6-7months experience I have seen clearly that the market for small time investors is unfair based on everything I have educated myself during my time investing. What one of the biggest issues I’ve seen is rules broken time and time again by institutions who receive fines that mean absolutely nothing and are paid with ease while the retail investor get nothing that would result in loss of their hard earned money. Institutions need to be forced to do the right thing and be held accountable like the retail investor and cover their positions like they were supposed to. Investors need to be compensated for these issues. What needs to happen is institutions should be forced to cover their losses and be fined if they continue to delay with what seems like an infinite amount of loopholes that gets them out of having to pay. Give them the choice to do the right thing and cover or be forced to do the right thing and cover and also face an additional fine. I guarantee they will not play games and begin paying which will finally bring a fair market causing more people to want to invest. Dark pools are abused and are not used for the purpose that they were originally created for.