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Jimmy Pham Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Jimmy Pham

With the technology today and the money that's being made in the markets by all parties, except for retail traders who get the shaft when it comes to getting "free" trades. Even by the sanctioning bodies that are supposed to over watch all of it's "members" and the standards upon which they are held, are not doing their jobs. Not REQUIRING that all members to report in an expediting manner on data which should be publicly available to all parties is giving everyone a chance in a more "fair" market place. Institutional investors should have no more advantage to the system than anyone else. If that's truly the case, then how transparent and fair is it? There is no excuse for immediate daily reporting of any sort of numbers, let alone short interest numbers. Which leads to me to ask the next question. Why is it good for the goose but not for the gander? We don't live in to 1900's anymore. We're in the 21st century and technology has never been anymore faster and capable than before. There is no excuse with computers that compute at up to 200 petaFLOPS per second. A super computer that has 2,414,592 cores. The typical household computer these days only has 8-16 cores in comparison. Also with internet speeds approaching 1 Gbps+ is more than fast enough to transfer data back and forth to these institutions that control billions, or even trillions of dollars in AUM. You can't tell me that it's "cost prohibitive" considering how much these institutional investors pay monthly in "fees" accrued as part of, "the cost of doing business". Institutions should be held at the same level, if not a much HIGHER level of standards than retail investors. They are the "professionals" of the financial industry and need to set better standards and examples which to lead by. Not using every method available to sneak another buck out of innocent retail investors and the companies they're trying to support. This is my view on the "reporting" that's being done and what and why we need to make serious changes to the system that no longer allows the systemic abuse by institutional investors. Thank you for taking the time and consideration to review my complaint and opinion regarding your topic at question. Best Regards, Jimmy P.