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John Malpas Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


i as a retail investor believe that institutions have for far too long been able to maneuver the market at a whim and arent beholden to the same type of rules as the average investor. in such a world, whales are able to make big (and sometimes) dumb moves and the average investor is handicapped when looking to make informed trades about such moves. Often the data that we are presented is incomplete, inaccurate and otherwise useless because its not relevant by the time its published. I implore you, as a regulating body to level the playing field. Dont let firms overleverage themselves and provide accurate and up to date data on short positions and their effect on the market. Dark pools and their use have become a stepping stone for illicit activity and are a way to hide whats truly going on behind the scenes. This MUST change! It would be a direlection of duty to not let everyone who takes their hard earned money and be able to use the same tools and data as anyone else. The deck has been stacked too long against us. Gone are the days of retail investors needing brokers to interpret their data for them. Thank you for hearing me and for all the different regulations you've instituted recently. it shows you are listening and do care about everyone who invests money.