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Jonathan Hernandez Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


(1) Lately I have seen time after time (failure to delivers) FTDS hit outrageous and unprecedented numbers SEC has fined market makers in some instances fractional fines of a percent to continue doing business. If this kind of activity is allowed, can I turn do the same? I would be more than glad to do the same if their's no disciplinary actions against this. (2) Naked shorting is illegal. Agency with no loyalty to any party or ties to anyone on the market due to conflict of interest, should ever see this systemic issue (3) Short positions need to be reported minute to minutes by funds and market makers, and public numbers needs to be reported hourly on a public website for general investors and public information. (4) Audits need to happen by regulatory agencies to ensure shorts and FTDs are not being hidden in options. To assure checks and balances (5) Punishments need to be severe enough to ensure it doesn't continue. If any regular joe did this we'd be locked up and throw in prison yet these guys walk unscathed (6) High frequency low volume trades done in dark pools are being used to influence stock pricing. This market manipulation shouldn't have it's own portal we're it's designed for the 1 percent. I thought this was a free market not to some thank you for taking the time to read my concerns, Jonathan Hernandez