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Jonathan Maxwell Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Jonathan Maxwell

Transparency, accountability and a fair market for all investors. This is what retail investors want. -Frequency in reporting should absolutely be on a daily basis. This should be public information. Not a “pay to play” basis. Companies who profit from hiding this information and selling it, only add to the unfair market advantage faced by retail traders. They will need to adjust their profit prospects to comply with transparency and a fair market. -I see no mention of dark pools. These need to be more transparent due to the fact that 60% of trading happens on them. -Creating synthetic shares is the same as printing money, you are creating something that doesn’t exist in order to sell it for profit, it’s my understanding that this is already illegal? Why is it happening? How will you force companies to report them? -Australia, the UK, Canada, they all have these requirements that FINRA is looking to implement and have enforced them for years, because investment companies there cheated the system and they stopped them. Why is the United States so far behind? Why did it take millions of retail investors exploiting the short positions of investment firms for this to start changing? How many billions of dollars have been stolen from unsuspecting retail investors? These rules should have been in place from the beginning. I’m glad you are doing something about all of this, I hope you follow through.