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Joseph Williams Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Joseph Williams

I request that ALL shorting must be reported daily, and that ALL dark pool trading must be reported daily. Also all dark pool trading MUST be bought and sold within the dark pool, or all LIT trading is bought and sold in the LIT market. Not trading all the buy orders into the dark pool and sells into the LIT market. Honestly the dark pool should not even exist. Shorting needs to be redone as well, options trading is basically gambling. Shorting shouldn't even be needed, if you buy the stock it'll increase and the company can offer more shares in the future if further cash is needed for growth, if the company is under performing sell the shares, if they are doing illegal crap, sell the shares. NO need for shorting. These T+ days need to go away, fines need to be heavily increased, and strikes against market makers and brokers needs to happen, 2 and you are out and your license to trade is gone forever. Know the rules, play by the rules or your licenses revoked. The fines need to be MASSIVE so that they get the hint the first time any trades done illegally need to have all the money made taken away AND fined. There should be immediate correction on FTDs! IMMEDIATE, there shouldn't be so many days to fulfill FTDs, fill immediately or reject the trades due to no shares available or you are heavily fined if you hide them.