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Josh Aguilar Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Josh Aguilar

I tried to purchase AMC stock in January, I was denied and frozen by Robinhood. I put in the money and tried to purchace below 10$, they refuse to execute my order...then wouldn't let me cancel it. They finally filled it after it hit the high around 18$ I have screenshot and email. Then, all of my friends were limited to buying power of a few shares a day! The economic impact is drastic as the stock now sits around 50$. This is not a free market when brokers and market makers limit retail investors. They rigged it! There is a comspiracy...and speaking of AMC, how is a company more than 100% shorted!? Also, why is there such a delay on Margin Calls...when do shorts ever have to cover? They are hurting the market and breaking the principles of capitalism system & democracy. PROTECT THE PEOPLE AND THE MARKET YOU REGULATE! PLEASE DO SOMETHING! There are thousands of stories just like mine and the corruption has to end soon before the market collapses and people lose faith again i.e. 2008.