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Josh Shipley Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Josh Shipley

In regards to notice 21-19, I feel any and all available information regarding short interest and shares affected be open and publicly available information, ideally on a daily basis. We have the means to update this information in a real time way and thus should do so for all shareholders. The stock market has a lot of untrusting investors currently due to the way hedge funds have handled their positions w/ so called "meme" stocks. Not knowing exactly how many shares are short and or naked is a HUGE investing tool that is unavailable to customers that the hedge funds have the ability to float and move around daily that we can only guess and estimate about. We know that shorted shares info is available on finra as well as ortex etc but even those numbers are not 100% accurate. It should be required that all companies involved in shorting shares have that information released especially when we retail investors are the ones whose shares are being used for these companies to profit. Offering us pennies on the millions of dollars to borrow our shares multiples times over is an injustice. IMO if they want to use our shares we should be paid more based off what they profit but thats another story. The saying knowledge is power speaks volumes here and the more information we retail investors have, the better. We own these shares and should have all available information regarding them 100% available and transparent. Anytime these shares are moved around we should be informed of such. Hedge Funds should not be allowed to constantly manipulate the information released to retail investors to fit their own narrative that helps them solely make money while the retail investors continue to lose money. A free market should have 100% transparency. Its what is fair. We don't have the ability to pay people off to make ourselves richer and richer. We rely on organizations like yours to help us to be on a level playing field and the best way to do so is make it so we have the information to make smart decisions based on facts, not fictitious or semi accurate numbers released by the companies standing to make profits off our actions. As far as what is outlined in 21-19, I would ask that everything listed be available to the customer. Everything ive read I would absolutely love to have available to view in real time or as close to real time as possible. This would hold companies accountable and limit fraud and manipulation. Thank you, Josh Shipley