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Julian Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


Dear FINRA, I will keep it short: Dark Pools that are only available to large hedgefunds and banks, and which make use of different pricing and availability, are causing the entire stock market to turn against the individual retail investor. These Dark Pools can be used to load up on shares of a specific company and then unload those bought shares onto the common stock market, causing the price of the stock to plummet. Therefore, this practice must either be upheld entirely, or the activity within these Dark Pools needs to be made readily publicly available. Retail investors around the whole world are watching blatant manipulation happen and the institutions that are supposed to intervene are completely silent on these matters. The trust in governmental institutions like the SEC is non-existent and we as retail investors will not rest until justice has been served to the perpetrators. Kind regards, Julian Helmonds The Netherlands