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Justin Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Superior Roustabouts

Hello, my name is Justin Darrow. I'm pleased to see you're requesting feedback on how to make the stock market more fair, something the SEC doesn't seem to do. When it come to short interest positions, there are 3 things I'd love to see besides the wonderful things you mentioned 1. A T+0 settlement would obviously be the best option. Atleast after market close but buy orders, sell orders and short sale orders and interest should shown in real time. 2.When institutions have to disclose their long position publicly, they should also have to report their short positions. 3.When SSR is on, it doesnt seem to be effective as the shorting of stocks after 10% seems that every uptick can be used in a way to continue to short and the "live" borrowed share orders seem to correlate that as well although that's unverifiable. Unverifiable because of the lack of transparency when it comes to verify when a stock is being manipulated via shorting.