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Keith SImon Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Keith SImon

Its clear that you guys understand that big intuition shape market sentiment, that is why it has been required for big institution to report when they take a long position in any company, it is beyond absurd that the same requirements are not in place when a large intuition takes a massive short position. Going forward, it should be a requirement that short positions be reported on a daily basis, preferably twice a day, at market close and at market open, and large fines should be associated with incorrect reporting of these position. Why is this something that requires a grand discussion to begin with? If these companies have a good faith, fundamental reason for trying to short a company into bankruptcy, they shjould have no issue publicly declaring they are doing this. The realty is, they keep it a secret because they know people would not risk their money on a stock being shorted by a large institution and quite frankly, reporting agencies are complicit when they do not require these positions to be disclosed. The world abroad has lost all faith in the markets because its very clear the entire process is rigged, the last few months of amc and gme trading has exposed that. While we are at it, Dark pools should 100% be banned, what part of market fairness has an entire market that is only accessible to large intuitions?