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Kevin Christensen Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Kevin Christensen

Please update the rules to more accurately report short interest and punish violators of misrepresented position. Clearly this should NOT be done through self-reporting (or at least without regular audits), as the institution have too much to gain by not reporting their positions. If an institution trader is allowed to directly attack a company and negatively effect the price through shorting, why should they be able to conceal their attack as a "long position"? Any institution found guilty of such a tactic should be liquidated in their illegal position and fined an additional 30% of that amount. That fine amount should then be reinvested into the company that was attacked unfairly, and suffered a loss of potential investors during that time. Whistleblowers and investegators should be incentivized using these funds to earn a percentage of misreported short positions. By letting irresponsible short selling continue you are putting many businesses and the market as a whole at risk of collapse. Price discovery is the nature of the stock market, and by allowing an institution to set the price but not show their positions fully you are crippling retail investors ability to discover price. Retail is quickly losing faith in the US stock market, and I implore you to rectify this quickly