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Kris B Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Kris B

Hello. I am a supporter of transparency within the stock market. I have found that there are certain holes in the current regulations that make it possible to conceal important and actionable information from the public. These include: The lack of requirements for disclosure of an entity's short positions The lack of daily (or instant if possible) updates as to the current short interest of a security. The ability to create synthetic shares (naked shorts) for a security. The use of dark pools beyond their normally intended function(s). These have enabled certain entities to unethically (and perhaps illegally) manipulate the prices of securities. This has been confirmed by many current and former industry insiders as these issues have received more press coverage. If the head of the NYSE is saying that the price of a certain security is distorted and not a real function of supply/demand, this tells me that these tactics should be investigated. Surely this will lead to their limitation or outlaw. I appreciate the opportunity to leave my feedback. It is very discouraging to an individual investor to hear more and more proof that the odds are stacked against you because these tactics give nefarious entities control over the free market for securities. Kris