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Liza Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


1) Profiting from company failures is immoral. 2) The practice is damaging because it artificially lowers stock prices. 3) It's a privileged investment tactic that is not available to everyday investors. 4) Short sellers manipulate the market, by conspiring. 5) short selling has turned into illegal / naked / phantom shorting shares millions times over resulting in FTDs, fake stock pricing, and no regulations, no accountability causing undue harm and permanent damage to the retail investors stock and business. This is a crime it’s illegal and needs to be stopped immediately and forever. Shorting through the dark pools with no accountability allowing chronic criminal behavior to continue targeting retail investors money. Where are the regulations? Where is the accountability? Who cares if you fine the hedge funds they don’t care they carry on with this gross reckless negligent criminal activity. This needs to STOP. Set the rules that are fair and transparent, hold those rules and hedge funds accountable by enforcement with no excuses. The time has come to put an end to market manipulation against retail investors and innocent businesses. If you don’t , retail will never invest in the markets again.