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Luke Witte Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Luke Witte

Anyone who has looked at the derivates market for $AMC and $GME knows that short interest is being aritfically brought down by the use of these options strategies. If the short interest was really as low as being reported by FINRA and others, we would not have outrageous borrow rates and a continuing avalanche of FTD's. When will we have transparency in our financial markets? "Synthetic Short Positions: In addition, FINRA is considering requiring firms to reflect synthetic short positions in short interest reports. For example, enhanced short interest reporting could include synthetic short positions achieved through the sale of a call option and purchase of a put option (where the options have the same strike price and expiration month) or through other strategies. FINRA believes this information would assist FINRA in understanding the scope of market participants’ short sale activity, specifically regarding the use of less-traditional means of establishing short interest."