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Mark David Clarke Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Mark David Clarke

I think any company that is an institution, a bank, a hedgefund, a brokerage or a market maker needs to have any of their orders routed through an order monitoring device before it's sent off so that they can no longer keep committing these society destroying crimes. Hypothecation, synthetic shares, naked shorting, naked long calls, falsely hiding puts by making them appear long, diverting traffic to dark pools so it doesn't affect the lit market stock price then dumping the sells into the lit marker to crash the price. The list goes on and on.... It's absolutely disgraceful. It clearly rigs the market to be a huge theft blood bath. And then all the regulatory bodies only charge these stock market entities a tiny fee and leave them with the majority of their winnings. Would a bank robber get to keep 90% of his stolen money if he offered to give back 10%? NO. You are essentially allowing these disgraceful criminals to continue raping the world of money, resources, some great companies that just need more time, jobs, life quality in the US, stock market stability, trust, equality and true price when you don't take their WHOLE gains back and reverse this back to the people and businesses that such reprehensibly sociopathic trading has taken it off of. Low fees against such crimes is totally pointless and guarantees the human race is driving at high speed towards a cliff edge with cut breaks and no steering wheel. I'm based in the UK and I can promise you this, if we aren't given fair treatment and allowed our money from this naked shortsquueeze, that this crime syndicate that is going on right now isn't shutdown, fined 100% of there gains, never allowed to trade again and not put in prison for the true length of their sentances, then I and many others I know will *never* come back to the stock market again and I think it's highly likely that countries all over the world will stay away. Furthermore, start making it so that the US has synchronised policies with other countries so that these stock market entities can't use loopholes to avoid detection. Sorry this was all over the place, but I'm just so angry at this whole situation and how it's been allowed to continue to be manipulated and the media to falsely slam retail investors and enact psychological warfare and propaganda on and against us by big money. Permanent EFFECTIVE fixes NEED to be started. Immediately.