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Mary Eileen Gardner Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Mary Eileen Gardner

I have held stock in both GME and AMC since January. I watched as the GME stock was manipulated by several Brokers when they all removed/limited retail investors ability to purchase stock but allowed selling. This resulted in a " Flash Crash" of GME price. Since then we have watched Companies use shorts/naked shorts to manipulate the price of both AMC and GME. There seems to be a disconnect between the numbers of these shorts being reported to regulatory agencies. I feel that shorts used should be reported at least twice each day and that rules governing the use of Naked Shorts should be enforced daily. Naked Shorting is illegal per the SEC yet dishonest MM's use them liberally and without consequences. Rules and Regulations are useless if they aren't enforced. If regulatory agencies don't stand up and finally enforce the rules I fear that the entire US Stock Market will suffer for Decades to come because investors will no longer have trust in the US system and will pull their money out of the US Stock Market.