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Matt Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

A retail investor in the 99%

1) The current fines for illegal behavior is an absolute joke. If a HF gains $500 mil illegally and is only fined $250,000 that’s a joke of a fine. The fine should be equal to the amount that was illegally gained and possibly include jail time. Currently, its equivalent to a person robbing a bank for $100 mil and only getting a $5,000 fine and keeping the rest. Absurd! 2) Self reporting is an absolute joke as well. Good luck getting accurate numbers with that! Certain hedge funds have proven they will manipulate the numbers to their benefit. It’s like the IRS allowing self reporting of earnings and not even checking the numbers. 3) Allowing the same entity to be both a HF and a market maker is encouraging malpractice and also a major conflict of interest. They can short a company, buy puts, allowed to create synthetic shares and even go so far as to delegate these abused powers. 4) The abuse of shorting has been occurring for well over a decade. Naked shorting plagues the market robbing retail investors of billions of dollars and bankrupting good companies and yet enforcement such as FINRA sits back and does nothing or at best slaps them on the hand with a laughable fine. Assuming anyone actually reads this, the world has eyes on what’s going on right now and so do millions of retail investors. If this blatant manipulation and psychopathic behavior doesn’t get worked out then not only will the American markets be a laughing stock, but also retail investors will loose all faith in the markets and all that will be left is the rich stealing from the rich.