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Matthew T Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Matthew T

As I understand it FINRA is looking to enhance the requirements around reporting short interest positions. I have this to say about reporting methods and data. We are in a world surrounded by fast moving data. We can call a loved one across the globe in a blink of an eye, share a tele-conference with hundreds of listeners, or place thousand dollar order in seconds. Technology has evolved and with our ability to make decisions based on data provided to us through technology. The fact that short interest data only has to be reported twice a month is outrageous. I can pull my accounts open right now and show you every long position I have, or every call option I have made. Why is it that I can make a decision with my money now but the data I have to make that decision off of could be almost 15 days old? How are we to make reliable business decisions when we are not given the tools to make them? You can't tell me that the technology doesn't exist because all around the world corporations track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) daily. How is this a free market when the data for decisions is held on one side of the table. Being a "retail" investor you are all ready at the mercy of lower capital and thus must ride the waves of the larger funds who sling their positions around at speeds that no human can perform. All I ask for is data. Data to make a better decision. A smart decision. Where I can invest my money to secure the future for myself and my posterity.