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Michael Moreira Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Michael Moreira

As a retail investor I cannot say I'm happy with the whole financial system with stock market. Everything we buy and sell is reported instantly. Our positions are transparent to any market maker or institution. All we ask for is full transparency on all transactions that occur in that trading day. In today's age we should be able to track and barcode every share that is available in a particular stock. The fact that small fines and turning a blind eye to market manipulation is damaging to the economy. If things are not enforced and corrected to give every individual a fair chance to succeed. Then you will lose the retail investor. Putting companies out of business by committing fraudulent acts is not acceptable. Example amc and gme as well as many other stocks should never have that many failures to deliver. Also the fact that stocks can be traded on so many different exchanges is a quiet frustrating. How can you sit back and let this continue. If things do not change you will lose more investors now and in future generations. More will find different avenues to increase their capital by investing money into crypto currencies or real estate. All investors want is a full picture of what is transpires in the asset they intend to invest in. Also if malpractice is committed then heavier fines should be incurred and if repeated by the same institution it should come with bans from trading that particular asset . The fines leveyed should go to the party that was affected by the illegal practice. That I believe is not unfair to ask for. Thank you for hearing our voices. If these Messures you our trying to implement make more of a fair market then I'm all for it. But whatever is implemented needs to be enforced.