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Michael Steinhauer Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Michael Steinhauer

I am a new retail investor but I have found quickly a strong sentiment of unfair trading practices and market manipulation by hedge funds that leaves retail traders at significant disadvantages. I appreciate the efforts on behalf of FINRA and the SEC to eliminate these events of malpractice by enforcing the rules that are currently in place, as well as, providing the public with more accurate and more up-to-date records of the short positions that these powerful hedge funds have taken. I would greatly appreciate, if it is possible, for all short positions to require public reporting multiple times daily. I would also appreciate if the fines for breaking these rules to be far more harsh than they currently are. It seems the financial power of the hedge funds allows them to knowingly break rules because they are seldom dealt any consequences beyond fines that are budgeted for and provide no real threat relative to the profits they acquire through breaking the rules. I have witnessed, throughout the year, what appears to be nefarious practices specifically pertaining to AMC and Gamestop stocks. These companies are heavily shorted regardless of their place on SSR or threshold securities lists and the hedge funds continue to grow their short positions without covering them in any reasonable time frame. I would simply appreciate any entity trading in the market, be required to make frequent and detailed information publicly accessible. I would also appreciate the rules, already in place, be aggressively enforced by punishing infractions to a degree that would truly deter the behavior and in turn level the "playing field" for all investors in the market. Thank you for your time and concern.