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Michelle Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


What I have witnessed over the past year or so that is going on with stock $GME and $AMC is on a whole different scale. I was new to trading until I got involved signing up with RobinHood earlier in 2020. During that time I wanted to buy in to $GME and was blocked from doing so "for my own protection." essentially missing out on hundreds of dollars or more. I have seen unknown entities raise the price of a stock so that their options are either in the money or out of the money when ever they see fit. Buying and selling back and forth so fast that THEY set the price of the stock. How can one of the most traded and most talked about stock on the planet get halted just low enough so 50,000 options are In the money. I have seen two separate stock that have nothing to do with each other mimic each other during a day of trading. You can see the market manipulation from watching the stock in other countries vs the US stock market. Where one stock will go up on on incredibly low volume, but in the US will go down even though level 2 data shows more buying pressure than selling pressure. How is that possible? Hundreds of people have bought up issues with how companies are buying and selling stock using Dark Pools so that the stock will not go up, large amounts of volume to be exact. The price of the stock is hidden from us?? Is this true? All the while the SEC is implementing new rules but are not doing any enforcing of any of these rules. We need transparency. I am a retail investor and I do not trust anything the SEC is doing. I would imagine other countries around the world and other traders like myself are losing faith in our "system". I thought naked shorts were illegal after what happened in 2008 yet there is mountains of evidence that certain hedge funds are using them to manipulate the price now? I am just appalled and disgusted with out this is being handled.