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Mo Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


Yes all these disclosures are ok and show improvement. But what we need is bigger fines and penalties for those who breaks the rules and manipulating the market, yes Hedged finds and Broker platforms such as Robinhood. You need to say it’s enough and you can’t keep doing wrong stuffs. All these little fines recently changes nothing, someone is at fault and guilty, some people deserve to go to jail for it as they damaging millions of people lives by ruining their financial situation. Some brokers/trades platforms such as Robinhood needs to be checked on as well and punished severely. As they seem to only focused on reporting and publishing negative news on stocks such as AMC posted multiple occasion/time during the same day to have a big impact on market and caused panic on retail investors on pre hours, during market hours and after hours. but somehow can’t seem to report not even 1 time during the day or purposely delayed to mentioned positive news. Smh