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Nick Arens Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Nick Arens

We absolutely need more transparency in the market. As more and more retail investors are joining the market, many of them are learning that they don't have access to the same information or ability to perform actions within the market that some of the huge institutions and market makers do. Naked shorting, dark pool trading, payment for order flow, etc. are all things that when examined at surface level, can be explained as necessary for the function and efficiency of the market. But at what cost? Crowdsourcing the mechanics of the market to companies that have a vested interest within the market themselves seems an incredibly risky potential for fraudulent activity and manipulation. Giving the general public more insight into what these huge corporations and market makers are doing in as close to in real time date as possible would go a long way to restoring public trust in the marketplace as a whole. Because right now, it seems like the playing field isn't level, and the referees that step in to regulate it on give the huge institutions fines that amount to tiny slaps on the wrist compared to the amount of money that they bring in annually. [REDACTED] We aren't selling. We aren't going anywhere. I'll run every last dollar I have invested into the ground before I let these fraudsters destroy another company and take advantage of both the taxpayer and the market as a whole. We can be dumb money. But dumb money deserves to be dumb in a FAIR market. It's the DTCCs, SECs, and Finra's job to make sure of it.