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Nick Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


FINRA: First off, thank you for accepting commentary on this matter. We need more transparent markets. In the crash of 2008 - I watched TV talking heads (ex hedge fund managers mind you) telling people to buy BEAR STEARNS among my days of going to school and working three jobs getting my FINANCE DEGREE between that time. It took me forever to get a foot in the door because the lack of transparency allowed greed to consume EVERYONE who was not BAILED OUT or BUILT or SCHEMED or WHATEVER their way to benefiting from the 'DIP' back then. Meanwhile you basically evicerated VALUABLE time from our lives, our careers... those are just those of us who aren't dead or near deaths door since that era. Here... we... go... AGAIN! Short-selling isn't something I have fundamental arguments against in how it was originally purposed. Now you've just given those that have, a channel and means, to take from those that don't have by literally dominating the markets. only NOW, that the TIDES have turned and you face another economic upheaval for SEVERAL reasons, but this rapamant 100x+ leverage antics, the naked short-telling, the DARK POOLS? OTC? Listen, you CLEARLY don't have a grip on things. MAKE THE MARKETS FREE AND FAIR When you can't even see the playing field, you tell ME why YOU don't see the problem there? How can you oversee this, when you can't well bloody see it, can you? You wouldn't be asking for this public commentary others. Sincerely, Concerned American APE