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Nick Dicamillo Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Nick dicamillo

Hi, I don’t know if this will reach anyone or go anywhere but voices need to be heard so I’m here to put mine in. Truth be told most Americans are realizing the stock market which is supposed to be a fair free market is rigged against us smaller fish. This has led many many many investors to obviously pull out money or join the so called “meme stocks” to put it against the big guys who laugh at us because they are the 1%ers. The market needs to be more transparent and obviously not as heavily manipulated with naked shorting. I mean my generation (gen z) obviously has lost all faith in this unfair market and you’ll see in 10 years a total difference in investors than today if nothing is fixed or actually regulated. Shame on anyone who supports the 1%ers over the hardworking American people who believe in companies. Hope this helps