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Pierre Addo Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Pierre Addo

I'd like to point out your "What We Do" section on your website. Many of retail investors are well aware that you actually do nothing at all in the grand scheme of things. You give out measly fines to make it appear like you're doing your job, when those same institutions that you fined made billions of dollars in profit. You may write rules, but you certainly do not enforce them. You do not foster market transparency. Not even in the slightest. However, you do educate us retail investors. I must sincerely thank you for allowing millions of retail investors to know the truth about the markets. Are you really asking the retail investors, that you consistently let fall victim to market manipulation, how to do your job? This has to be a troll. You have more than enough knowledge of how to make the markets fair and free, you just choose not to. You have a team of fully fledged "adults," that do absolutely nothing but be crooked. Let me be completely clear and transparent with you (something you'll never be able to do). This attempt to seem like you are beginning to care about the illegal activity that's been running rampant in our market for years is pathetic. We do not need your "help." We are taking control of OUR market, whether you like it or not.