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Anonymous-R Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


Dear Finra, I am writing to you because of the corruption being held in wall street by Hedge funds such as Citadel. CITADEL who carry the order flows for the excahange amounting nearly to 40% to 47%. This data was specified by Ken griffin himself when he was asked to testify in front of Congressmen in which he was accused of performing manipulative practices regarding Game stop by restricting Trade especially of BUY orders. This whole act was done intentionally. My main point is that Hedge Funds keep manipulating the stock and SEC iS doing nothing about it other than imposing NOMINAL FINES for the crimes performed.. Imposing rules and NOT exercising rules is nothing other than keeping public in dark pool. Hedge funds are doing NAKED SHORTING which in short is termed as Stealing is the manipulative practice which is still performed by hedge funds after getting banned in 2008. IF A TRADE PRACTICE IS BANNED AND U STILL EXERCISE IT..WE CALL THEM CRIMINALS AND FINES WON'T WORK BECAUSE THEY KEEP DOING IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. The world is watching you # SEC #FINRA . Make wall street a fair play for everyone.