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Ramon Tomzer Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Ramon Tomzer

Everything should be reported daily. it is now 2021... There is no reason there is a "T+ anything" for reporting. It's all tabulated via computer and should be available immediately for review... these rules are ancient and do not reflect the level automation we are surrounded by in our everyday lives... I can make an ACH deposit from a bank across the world and have it show up in my bank account in a few mins... I'm pretty sure market makers and hedge funds can send an automated report to the governing bodies automatically at the end of every trading day... while we are at it, they are allowed to use algorithmic trading in which many trades occur per day/hour/min but us retail investors only get 3 day trades? so you are telling us that we are too dumb to spend our money in whatever way we choose, but you allow big funds/market makers to use tactics we aren't allowed? What we want is access to the same information that market makers and hedge funds have access to. We want transparency, we want the same rules to apply to us as them, and we want bigger penalties, jail time, loss of ability to trade securities forever when companies do shady stuff. Do you honestly think that Robinhood will stop doing what they did over a 70M fine? when they profited billions? not even a drop in the bucket for them...