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Anonymous-SC Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


The problem is not the rules... Rules are there already and you know as well as everyone else that the issue is that the rules are for thee and not for me. Enforce the rules that are on the books and stop not only the naked short selling but also the political hacks working for your agency and all throughout the financial industry regulatory authorities. Tell me... How much again did Pelosi make on her stocks when she and others decided to open up the pentagon bidding process to Amazon? The corruption has reached an all time high and trust in your agency is less than non-existent. Simply stop covering up for those with money and political influence simply because you too hope to steal from the American taxpayer as has been going on for far to long. That's my 2 cents on the matter and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this to go on for so long. Your next actions will determine if their is faith in the American financial systems, government, and the ideals of freedom... Choose wisely.