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Rob Sparks Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Rob Sparks

Hello - thank you for addressing this and making it a priority. I am primarily invested in AMC but also have shares in other shorted stocks like GME and NAKD. The pricing is being manipulated by market makers and hedge funds in and out of dark pools. Based on what we know as fact, they should have had margin calls multiple times but skirt the rules to push the proverbial can down the road. The manipulation is exacerbated by their friends in the media, notably Jim Cramer with CNBC. Please review his Twitter timeline on the days that AMC and GME were attacked. He knew before hand, and bragged that he knew that these specific shareholders were going to get attacked by the broader financial infrastructure. And RobinHood... their financial relationships with the actors attacking their customers should be a crime. It is a big mess and in a fair market world, we would have seen a squeeze, sold and moved on long ago.