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Anonymous-RAU Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Robinhood App User 2021

Order execution on the dark pool vs nyse. 1. There needs to be a limit on how many share that can be purchased on the dark pool and sold on the nyse to short a stock. 2. A market maker should not be allowed to handle orders of execution on a stock he or she is shorting. This creates a huge conflict of interest and predatory practices. They will just route your buys through the dark side and your sells through the lit to manipulate the prices. 3. Retail investors should have the right to choose if they want their orders of execution on the dark or lit. We were all led to believe that there was only one stock market where orders are bought and sold. We watch the ticker every morning, but there is no dark pool ticker. How do we make a fair trade when the information your giving us everyday is only 50 percent accurate. There are 2 markets. Give us access to both or let use choose where our money is spent.