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Ryan Hesse Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Ryan Hesse

The market is broken. Please enforce more rules/regulations regarding illegal sale of shares, market manipulation, and all around shady actions from market makers and HFs. I make minimum wage, and only invest what I'm comfortable with, but it's nearly impossible to gain any traction when the market is so corrupted. Tempted to remove my funds from the market as a whole and stash my cash in a mattress. It's probably safer there than a fire prone home. Help the little guy support a family, buy a house, and maybe retire a little early. Im not asking for 26+million a month... Financial stability is a key factor in ending almost all of this world's problems (housing, climate change, world hunger, ect) please help spread the wealth to the good guys. Ill pay my taxes, re invest, and contribute to my community. Big money only wants more money. Stop making it so easy for them to hamper the little guys success. It's painful to live in a world so broken...