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Ryan King Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Ryan King

I have attempted to read and understand the proposed rule changes set forth in these reporting enhancements on the topic of Short Interest Positions. I would like to make sure that my voice is heard as a full supporter of these rule changes! The reporting changes contained in these enhancements are critical to not only have them PASSED but also to have them 100% enforced. The amount of manipulation within the larger entities of the markets and the use of synthetic shares to try to drive retail buyers out of the market is down right criminal. These rules would clean up these practices and put the stock market back on the path towards a level playing field. Transparency is not too much to ask for, when you have a rigged system against the little guy, it's fine for awhile until the world starts to wake up to it. I feel like that is what's happening now and why I think these rules are a MUST. THIS MUST PASS AND BE ENFORCED in short order!