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Sam Floyd Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Sam Floyd

You need to put a stop to the market manipulation, specifically on AMC. The last two days there has been more inflow than outflow and yet the price has dropped. 60% of all transactions happen on the dark pools. This is unfair to retail investors. Plus all the additional limitations we have and it seems that no governing entities have our best interest in mind. Seems they are always looking out for the wealthy and hedge funds and market makers. No entity should have as much control as Citadel Securities does. They have so much leverage that it is no longer a free and fair market. I no longer want to invest in the stock market after things settle down with AMC because of the fraud and lack of accountability for hedge funds and market makers. I am not the only one. The majority of the “ape nation” feel this way now. Finra and the sec have taken no action. Rules without holding entities accountable are just suggestions. The retail investors are held to a higher stand. The market isn’t fair