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Sandy Wright Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Sandy Wright

I recently became interest in investing. I am self employed with no retirement. I am afraid to put money in because I feel like large market maker hedge funds have an advantage by controlling the market. It is obvious that they trade in dark pools to drive the price down, short viable businesses into bankruptcy by making up millions of shares, while controlling the media. It’s pathetic, I have to wonder why it has come to this, billions and billions stolen from the people. Limiting short selling to a % of a security and making sure the securities are delivered makes most sense. Making sure all buys and sells are legitimized seems like common sense. The whole world is watching, and I’d like to be able to be an average person that feels safe in investing. Otherwise I might as well write a check with all my savings to a big hedge fund and kiss it goodbye. I want to know that rules in the future will be in place to better control short selling. Thank you.