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Sariena Carmichael Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


Naked shorts should not exist at all. Citadel and other hedgefunds are creating shares, trading them in dark pools back and forth with each other, and in some cases they dump them back into the market to artificially suppress stock prices. They make millions selling off shares while trying to ruin companies. Why is this even allowed. As a regular person, I can’t make up items and sell them on Ebay. These companies need to cover their positions and be margin called. It’s not just GME and AMC they do it too. It stacks the decks against retail investors, because though sentiment is high and the price per share should be much higher given sentiment and support, us, the retail traders can’t just make up shares and sell them for profit but they can. This rigs the market for the hedgefunds, threatens the survival of many companies unjustifiably, and grotesquely obscures the values of shares. Please, please act. Sincerely, Sariena Carmichael, nj