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Scott Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19


You want the people to trust the government and believe that they have the peoples best interest, then do something about all the illegal stuff Wallstreet and hedge funds do. Stop the massive amounts of shorts they have. Stop them from shorting a company out of business. Do something about all the FTD'S. Really Stop the short ladder attacks that they use to deliberately drive the price down. Get rid of dark pools. Do something about all the synthetic shares. Actually enforce the rules. If the retail investors did any of these things we would be in prison. Stop with the slap on the wrists. We the people have no faith in you, the dtcc or sec. Which in turn means we have no faith in our government. You are supposed to protect us and you let these companies crash the economy. Another market crash is coming and it could have been avoided if you did your job. If I didn't do my job I would be fired. Make it a fair and transparent market.